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A TOP MOUNTAIN ARCHITECT #djawest :  Dan Joseph Architects has been selected by the editorial staff of Mountain Living for a recent edition of ‘Top Mountain Architects & Interior Designers’; an exclusive guide to the most talented and influential Architects, Design/Build professionals and Interior Designers at work in the West today!

Even more exciting, Dan Joseph Architects is now headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to better serve the Rocky Mountain West.  As always, we’re only a phone call away for those throughout North America and beyond.


AEC Professional Services

AEC Professional Services

Distinctive Stone Archway

AEC PROFESSIONAL SERVICES #djawest Ordinarily upon completing the Construction Document, an Architect’s continued participation during the Construction Phase is very limited or often times non-existent; leaving the Owner with interviewing and managing the built-response.

At Dan Joseph Architects, we understand that consistent communication, detail interpretation and onsite accountability is vital to every project’s success; therefore we offer a broad range of services, assuring the Owner along every step of the way.

Professional Services are available across North America as a very personal, private and cost effective level of combined tasking; often for less cost than Architecture and Construction Management engaged as separate entities.

Service may include:

  • Architecture & Engineering only
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction Administration
  • Architecture, Engineering and Onsite Construction Management.

Upon an Owner’s choosing, we are your sole Designer, Administrator and Onsite Management of the built response; from concept to completion, one point of contact!

For absentee Owner’s and World Travelers alike, we are available to your call 24/7, day or night; sharing project updates and discussing other matters of importance. Upon request, we also offer continuous onsite surveillance and remote viewing of all construction related activities; a continuous feed of real time images of the built response. Privately accessible bios and online pictures of all personnel and tradesman, including background checks and verification is provided as an extended service.

Overview:  Architectural Fees are based as a percentage of anticipated construction cost and project budget; upon finalizing a negotiated agreement the fee remains fixed. Doing so is in the assurance to you that all decisions related to design and construction are in the project’s best interest; and not upon the motivation of escalating project costs and profit margins.  Construction Services are available as a Guaranteed Maximum Price or for a Lump Sum Fixed fee; once again assuring you of a transparent, personal and private comprehensive understanding of all tasks involved.

At Dan Joseph Architects, we design and deliver every level of Professional Service and possess a unique understanding of the built response. Give us a call or find us at …and allow us to go to work for you today!