John Wayne – Signature Series Architecture

John Wayne – Signature Series Architecture #djawest Dan Joseph Architects in associations with John Wayne Enterprises have agreed to define the indescribable; discover the Art of Western Architecture, visit Dan Joseph Architects at to read more and to request a News Letter introducing this very special opportunity!


Cowboys and Aliens a New Project Concept

Cowboys and Aliens a New Project Concept

Graphic Art courtesy Dennis Calero

COWBOYS AND ALIENS a New Project Concept #djawestThe works of Dan Turvey of Dan Joseph Architects stands as a responsible approach to historic interpretation of western dwellings.  His energy conscious designs combine a love of form, local materials, structural expressiveness and nature, defining a style that becomes as much of the surrounding landscape as does the dramatic views surrounding his practical solutions.

At a very basic level the Art of Architecture is often about stirring imagination, interest and excitement; to incorporate a twist of curiosity while seeking a new plane of creativity, says Turvey. “My method has been to consider the arts, literature, music, science and history…inspiring a unique architectural response to a perceived or shared need.”

Recently, a book later turned movie titled “Cowboys & Aliens” featuring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford has generated inspiration and an exciting new approach for a modern western vernacular.  However the movie or story line isn’t so much a source of motivation, says Turvey…but rather the title.  For Dan the title “Cowboys & Alien” suggests organic, with site specific queues which are firmly rooted in a western past; while also embracing cutting edge, modern materials and expressions…perhaps best termed as a “Modern Western”.

Dan suggests that it may be helpful to alternatively think about the blending of other extremes like music i.e.: Rock-n-Roll and Country or for instance Mannheim Steamroller’s best selling Christmas melodies; a body of work we all recognize as traditional, holiday standards, which utilize a modern vibe and distinct instrumentation.  “Likewise and in the visual world, a Modern Western is about creating a new appearance informed by nature, our past, expressed, mixed and supplemented with a futuristic vision” says Turvey.

To infuse this original concept with momentum and notable, significant credibility, Dan has obtained commitments from Cowboys & Aliens co-author Andrew Foley and famed graphic artist Dennis Calero (see pic above) to join Dan Joseph Architects in a collaborative exploration of what it means to be both Cowboy & Alien; or moreover a Modern Western.  There is no doubt, says Turvey “that the work product generated by this outstanding team will be worthy of much attention.”

Certainly, this one-of-a-kind collaborative must be informed by site specific solutions and buyer directives; therefore Dan Joseph Architects has publicly announced and welcomes a progressive owner, directing personal preferences of final character, project budgeting and schedule.

Cowboys and Aliens Project Concept inquires are encouraged to contact Dan Joseph Architects with any questions or to just simply talk more in depth on the themed project shared.

In closing…Cowboys and Aliens is perhaps the best contemporary Western Movie ever made; the actors are credible, authentic and unforgettable.  The various scenes demonstrate the importance of perception, perspective, time and place woven within the fabric of a modern story line captured at its very best moments; the music is appropriate and moving…supporting a theme that gently nudges the viewer backwards in time, when life was simple and valor most admired.

Below Grade Dwellings…an idea whose time has come.

Below Grade idea whose time has come.

Below Grade Dwelling by Dan Joseph Architects

BELOW GRADE DWELLINGS #djawestIf you have been watching the news lately you probably know a little something about global warming, peak oil, wildfires, and weather extremes like cold, heat, hail and tornados; not to mention home invasion or other security concerns.  For an environmentally conscious owner, a below grade dwelling may be just what the Architect ordered.  Utilizing modern means and methods, high design and cutting edge technologies, while also incorporating solar and geothermal heating (and cooling); a sub-surface structure is just about as good as it gets!

For instance:  reduced operating expense, reduced maintenance, naturally fire resistant, protection from environmental extremes and much easier to completely secure during extended absences.

In conclusion, don’t be fooled into thinking that the design of such dwellings or structures is just a singular approach, only available in a limited palette of appearances; in the right hands, a capable Architect can deliver a variety of vocabularies which are structurally expressive, transparent (generous natural day lighting) and site specific; precisely designed to meet personal taste and an overall project budget.

If you are thinking about a new home or business….it might be appropriate to seriously consider below grade dwellings.  Give Dan Joseph Architects a call and let us go to work for you today!