Faithful Inns

Faithful Inns

Service Mark – Faithful Inns

FAITHFUL #djawest Over the past one hundred years tens-of-millions of people have walked into the lobby of the historic “Old Faithful Inn”; for generations “Faithful” has become synonymous with shelter, rest and relaxation for travelers the world over.

Without question brand is the most sustainable, competitive advantage there is; become the proud owner of an instantly recognizable name for your Brand holdings of: Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Services; Hotels; Resort Hotels in Class 43 (U.S LS.100 and 101).

FAITHFUL Service Mark – Stylized Brand & Domain Name

United States Patent and Trademark Office Reg. No. 3,220,207

Price: $3.3 Million (USD)

Portfolio of properties and/or narrative of intended use required.
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If your Life was measured in Summers, where would you spend them?

If your Life was measured in Summers

View of Teton Range interior of the Bar BC Ranch

IF YOUR LIFE WAS MEASURED IN SUMMERS #djawest Tired, perhaps even a little sore you rise for another morning; one more cup of coffee and a tense commute to the office…the trip home will likely be more of the same.  Undoubtedly, the sacrifices have all been worth while; the kids are in college or have transitioned into promising careers, the mortgage is manageable and a little personal time for reflection seems to be more of the norm.

So what will be next in the grand scheme of things?  If you are like me, “quality of life” seems to occupy my thoughts more than I’d care to admit.

Pausing for just a moment, go find a tape measure; put your left thumb on your current age and place your right on 72.  This approach provides a great visual for really comprehending the number of quality years remaining as contrasted to say an average person.  Now let’s take that number and convert them into summers.  And so there it is…if your remaining life was measured in summers, where would you spend them?

For me remote jagged mountains and blue skies speak to my most inner passion and love of life.  There are few other places that really affect me as deeply and spiritually as does our unspoiled western landscapes of the Rocky Mountains; and very few that speak as loudly as Jackson Hole’s Bar BC Ranch (see pic inset).

Humbled describes best how I feel when visiting this very special community; an historical 1,400 acre Ranch located in one of Wyoming’s most scenic corridors and at the confluence of the Snake and Gros Ventre Rivers.  It doesn’t really matter what your life’s circumstance may be…the Teton Mountain Range, Teton National Park and blue skies for as far as the eye can see will absolutely command your attention.

In final word, I find it comforting knowing that some things are difficult to measure in years or inches; that there are ridgelines and river bottoms I may never walk, snow flakes and fish I’ll never catch…and just knowing that they exist certainly adds to my quality of life; God willing…the remainder of my summers will be spent in the splendor of our beautiful American West.

Dan Joseph Architects continually seeks quality project investment opportunities for clients and investors alike.

Dan Joseph Architects Project Investments

Pierce Lake Professional Center by Dan Joseph Architects

DAN JOSEPH ARCHITECTS – PROJECT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES #djawest Dan Joseph Architects continually seeks quality project investment opportunities for clients and investors alike.

Dan Joseph Architects will also on a project-by-project basis, joint venture with strong local developers who have a track record, development expertise, depth and breadth of organization, and above all else the integrity to partner with Dan Joseph Architects, its clients and local communities.

Whether raw land or existing improvements, Dan Joseph Architects offers expertise and professional support to maximize the returns on all ventures including: complete AEC Services, value engineering, detailed cost analysis, project management and access to capital for financing and sales.

Dan Joseph Architects prides itself on the ability to encourage strong and lasting relationships with its clients and partners; to produce outstanding results for each venture and access to exceptional project investment opportunities!